Updating the Lat/long for BING postcodes in FSM

  • 27 September 2022
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A customer is having an issue where when using the BING maps service for FSM, a postcode is being entered which is correct but BING is providing an incorrect Lat/Long. When you do not post a postcode but just the number and street name, the BING service comes back with the correst postcode (same as manually entered) and the correct Lat/long position. 


Is this something which has been experienced before and would this have to be cleared with Microsoft or can we change a setting in FSM to help with this?


The customer brings in the postcodes from an external source so it will be hard to remove the postcodes. Customer is also on FSM6 UPD9.


Thank you

1 reply

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I have just checked with this amongst a couple of other posts but have found the bing website which we can add reports to. 


However for this, we need this someone needs to be an admin as I cannot create this. Can we get RnD to help if possible? here is the link: