Report over planned travel and true travel

  • 21 September 2021
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We have problem with traveltime in our PSO, many resources complain about

pso planning to short travel between jobs. I have tried to find the travel in reports but havent get reports that show the diffrence. I have also tried to get the information from the database but no success. Do anyone have any solutions for this?

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PSO calculates travel time using a HTM (Hierarchical Travel Matrix). It is a Map provided by RnD for travel calculation & location mapping. You could try out following to improve the accuracy of your travel time.

1. Purchase Tom Tom Real Time Traffic License

HTM does not incorporate Real Time Traffic. By obtaining this, if you have not, would incorporate Real Time Traffic into your travel & hence the PSO planned time would be much closer to the true time.


2. Make sure your HTM is connected.

In PSO permissions, check the value given for 'HierarchicalDatabaseMatrixId' . Setting the correct value for this gets you connected for the correct HTM region.

Also, make sure the parameter, ‘TravelCalculationOption’ to HierarchicalTravelMatrix for PSO to calculate travel using the HTM.

3. Move to a Newer HTM version.
You could check for latest HTM versions available for your region, and if available & if the HTM is supported from your PSO version, you could move into that. Your time would improve.


PSO planned time & true travel time might not be exactly the same. But, by trying & checking the above mentioned options, I hope that you would be able to significantly improve your travel time & minimize the difference.