Rejected Task's to flow to Team Task filter

  • 25 November 2022
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Hi all,


My issue is regarding update of Task Status via Mobile client.


When user ‘Rejects’ a Task. 


Current behaviour is:

  1.  The ‘Task Status’ will change to “Rejected”. 
  1. Task in ‘All’ filter (Mobile client) will be removed.

I need to customize the above behaviour in this way;

  1. ‘Task Status’ to change to “Open”.
  2. Task is Removed in ‘All’ filter (Mobile Client)
  3. Task is sent to ‘Team Tasks’ Filter (Mobile Client)

I have done (1) and created a Business Rule to update task status to “Open” after User ‘Reject’ a task. The business Rule also removes the assigned Person. 


I am having difficulty in the Mobile Tablet

What is currently happening is that the task is removed from the ‘All’ Filter screen. After a few seconds it is added back to ‘All’ Filter. It does not back to ‘Team Task’ Filter.


Task status is “Open” and Task.Person_id is blank in the Service Request. When I reinitialize or refresh the task (Change status to A then change back to Open. The task goes to ‘Team Task’ filter.


Any ideas?

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