PSO travel time restriction between activities

  • 21 November 2022
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Is there a setting within PSO which controls maximum travel BETWEEN activities. Can you tell me if that exists ad where I can configure it?

It would be different from a resources Max Travel setting because, if I am correct, that is a radius away from their start location. I am looking to set travel from activity A to activity B to much less than their max travel setting to something more like 30 mins, in order to keep work on a certain day clustered to one area, as opposed to allowing 2 hours travel from job to job.


2 replies

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Hi @Heraghty123 ,

I think your requirement could be achieved from ‘Travel Cost Models’ screen in Planning workspace.



Use this to configure a Maximum journey time with respect to a resource. Hope this helps. Cheers! :-)

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Thank you.

I configured the following:

This has given results where no individual journey time will be more than 30 mins.


Is there a way to manipulate the system to allow resource max travel setting permitted for the first journey, to their first activity, and then from then on to restrict by Max Journey Time?

I am looking to have options available for the first call up to 2 hours, but then from then on, only 30 minutes away for each additional activity.