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Mobile initialization issues

  • 19 January 2022
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Our customer is  in Azure and FSM is  installed as a service. They are in the process of adding additional 400 techs to the system.

They tried initializing a group of 15-20 users in TST and only 20% were successful.  The balance had a “NULL NULL display” or cancelled the initialization after ~25mins. They currently have 3 service instances in their test and prod environments. Will increasing the instance count help ? If we are to increase the instance count, is there any guidelines how many instances should be there for a given total user count?


1 reply

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Hi @didous ,

The information related to the environment specification depending on the user count can be found in the “FSM6OnPremiseInstallation.pdf” (UPD14). Have attached the document to this reply. 

Hope this answer helps.

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