Mobile app getting crash while going to overview screen

  • 17 April 2024
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Hi Team,

We are facing below challenges in FSM mobile

Suppose a tech in his mobile device has 5 jobs out of which 4 jobs he can easily navigate and work on it
But if he is going inside the 5th task is app is crashing.

Whereas if I give the 5th task to any other member of his team he is able to access the task .
Also for the effected tech if I install fsm mobile in any other mobile all 5 tasks are working fine.

We are not able to find root cause

1 reply

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Hi @TatKkkkkR,

There can be many reasons for the above behavior and the most probable culprit would be data related issue along with the configurations in mobile design.

What I would suggest you to do is


  1. Try to replicate the issue/same scenario on a baseline mobile design where there aren’t any custom configs. If it is still occurring, I believe the way to go via through a support request as it can be a product defect. 
  2.  If the issue is not recreating on a baseline design, then extract the mobile device log when the app crashes and try to go through the critical errors present there (start from the bottom of the log towards up) and see any errors related to the client scripts used in Click events or Refresh events.