Integration FSM6 and PSO6

  • 5 July 2021
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Can we have several FSM environments connected to 1 unique PSO instance (as explained in the attachment)?



Best answer by Sajith Anushan 5 July 2021, 11:58

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4 replies

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Hi Dominique,


I can’t see the attachment.

Technically you can. I have seen 2 FSM environments integrated with 1 PSO environment however they are non production environments.

If you are referring a Production environment or number of FSM environments is higher than 2, I think you might need Consulting or RnD input.



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Hi Sajith,


Thank you for your  reply. Attachement is now visible in the post. This is concerning non prod environments. Do you have some technical information ? How wan we manage the settings ? 

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Hi Dominique,

FSM is integrated to PSO using a Gateway URL. When installing FSM, we can give the relevant details in FSM installer (Gateway URL, port etc.) or if it is already installed, web config files can be changed to do the integration. As far as I know, there is no any additional steps to integrate more than 1 FSM environments; it is same as the steps with 1 environment. PSO Web URL will be same across all FSM environments. Each FSM environment will create a separate dataset in PSO side so that you can differentiate the data within PSO.

Regarding number of environments, I’m not sure whether we are recommending 5 integrations. I have only seen 2 so worth checking on this point.



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There is some basics to respect as per as IFS expert recommandation we talked to : total size of the dataset sent to PSO should be equal to sizing of the environnement, and parameter naming should be distinct. Those are the main attention point. The connexion to 3 simultaneous FSM env. works, but the perf decrease as we stress more the targeted PSO.