How to set a override a date field and set to null

  • 19 November 2021
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Hi Experts,

This is quite a trivial question. I have the requirement of setting the promised_dt in part_need to nul when a new record is created. This is how it’s defined in FSM Metadata

So currently it’s defaulting to the current date.

This is how it looks in Custom Metadata

I tried the following approaches,

  • adding a default relationship to a null field of another table
  • adding a value business rule to set it to null 

None the approaches worked. Still the default value set in FSM metadata takes precedence and sets the current date.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.​​​​​​​


Best answer by Atheeq Maharoof 19 November 2021, 10:10

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Hi @Miraj,

For the created custom metadata, perform the following update.

UPDATE cust_column_def
SET default_value = ''
WHERE table_name = 'PART_NEED' AND  column_name = 'PROMISED_DT'

This will make the default column as empty, but if you try to save an empty value in the custom metadata screen as the default value, the column will be saved as NULL. 

Following is the output in the web client when the the new button for part need is clicked. 


Promised_dt is empty

Hope this answer helps.

Best Regards,

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Thanks @Atheeq Maharoof!
Is it possible to override the required condition for this field and make it “not required”?

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Hi @Miraj ,

You can change a column to required, but you cannot change a required column to optional.

Hope this answer helps

Best Regards,