How to segregate incoming and outgoing servers for staging functionality.

  • 29 April 2024
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Hi All,

If we have multiple server and multiple process then how to segregate outgoing servers for staging functionality.

If we have 10 server and 20 process then how we can divied servers equaly. Menas A server can process only B not C and D can only process E not B and C as per the configuration.

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any of the servers would be able to pick up the process as they are connected to the same DB. The only way to force a specific server to pick up the desired process is by using the Intergration Monitor, which allows to specify a server instance. Besides that you would need to have a staging logic implemented, which as of now is only available through customization. However, since U23 / U24 there is a FSM-PSO Staging Logic available in baseline, see more in the attached documents.

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