How to perform Mass Insert and Mass Delete on a screen

  • 2 May 2024
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I have a custom screen like the following. I want to search on a person ID or person ID and skill both and do a mass update like adding a skill to those particular technicians or mass delete those technicians. I have tried adding the delete button but it is not working. How can we perform these tasks on FSM? 


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In order for the delete button to work you need to add the table ref in properties, otherwise it does not know what table to be deleting from. For example if you look at the base request screen in UI designer and select the delete button at the top of the screen and then scroll down the properties list till you get to ‘table ref’,  you will see that ‘request’ is listed there, but if you select the delete button on the Task tab and look at the same property it will have ‘task’. To use the mass update button you need to add information in the  ‘edit mass update group xml’ it is the pencil next to the plus over the search criteria section in the UI Designer. 

One thing to keep in mind you will only be able to update records from the primary table of the screen. 


Cheers Morris