Generate xml with out outbound and capture

  • 26 October 2022
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  • Do Gooder (Partner)
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Is there anything we can generate xml using XMLmaps and capture the xml message without sending to outbound system ?.


business purposes :

  1. we wanted to use this xml for creation another entity record with similar date using one entity
  2. use this xml to send sync response with customized perform definition.

4 replies

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any possible options ? 

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I believe you could create a Message Routing or Monitor Schedule using the flat file or XML file connector to save the output to a file for testing.

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I also asked a member of the development team who said:


I think what you have mentioned is correct. A routing rule based on the baseline FileExtractHandler can be created to capture the XML output to a flat file.  Alternatively, HttpExtractHandler can also be used with and address such as for examine the XML output.

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@Jon Reid ,


this is not satisfy our business purpose .i want to capture xml maps message and use this for other purpose (mentioned in original requirement) .