Further Enhancement of Survey Input Masks

  • 24 April 2024
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Once again thank you for taking my suggestion under advisement.  I hope that the constant feedback from our customers will continue to keep our product a best performer.

The Idea: Our customer, SaskEnergy, has requested more robust data input masks and field validation within maintenance forms.  Specifically the customer is requesting an extension to our input masks to include widely available libraries available in most modern development environment.   Some example of future masking ability:

  • Lower and Upper Bound numeric values without being restricted to predefined LOVs
  • Lower and Upper Bound field alpha numeric field lengths
  • Masks should not be included as extraneous characters in results ie. a 10 AlphaNumeric mask of 10 “%%%%%%%%%%” should not return trailing mask characters.  Currently this mask will return DOG%%%%%%% if only DOG is entered as a value.  The lower and Upper Bound should control length

At a high level the input mask should consist of three parts

  • Mandatory Part: Includes mask characters, placeholders, and literal data (e.g., parentheses, periods, hyphens).
  • Optional Part (Storage): Determines whether mask characters are stored with the data (0) or only displayed (1).
  • Optional Part (Placeholder): Specifies a single character or space used as a placeholder (default is underscore _)


Please refer to the idea below submitted directly by our customer, SaskPower, while reviewing this idea which is adjacent to their request.

 Limit Technician Survey Response/Answer Length | IFS Community


Why It Matters:

    • The Input Mask provides data validation where it is needed most, at the point of entry.
    • It is like having a fact-checker for the information you enter into forms, databases, or any system.
    • Its job is to ensure that the data you provide is accurate, reasonable, and fits the expected format.
    • Think of it as a friendly gatekeeper that prevents nonsense or errors from slipping through.


How You Can Help: As always I hope that R&D finds this idea beneficial to the Cloud community as a whole and considers it for future releases.  I’d greatly appreciate your support! If you find this idea valuable, please consider sharing it with others, providing feedback, or championing it within our community.



1 reply

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Makes perfect sense for RnD to run with this suggestion! Great writeup @fishema!