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Excel format report for Service Inquiry

  • 7 August 2020
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By default, if we click on Service Request Inquiry Print button , output is in PDF format.

Is it possible to get both the option as output on print click, as Excel as well as PDF as out of box feature of FSM application?

Please advise.

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Hi @Asterix ,

This has been identified as a core issue of FSM 6.5 . The bug has been identified as when you “Export to excel” or “Export to Word” , then both gives an output in PDF format, which is not expected.  This will be corrected in the forthcoming FSM 6.6 release. Therefore we can anticipate that the “Export to excel” and “Export to word” will work as expected in this update but we cannot assure that the Print button could be configured into Excel,word,etc.. since the Printing report has already been inbuilt to give a PDF output. But thinking out of the box, your idea will be good for an Enhancement request for a future release. Then the Print button will also have several choices rather than straightly turning into a PDF.