Error while trying to debug the baseline FSM windows mobile

  • 14 September 2021
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Hi Experts,


I’m trying to build and debug baseline FSM 6 U 12 Windows Mobile app with visual studio and I’m getting following 3 errors,


Severity    Code    Description    Project    File    Line    Suppression State    Suppression State
Error        A numeric comparison was attempted on "$(TargetPlatformMinVersion)" that evaluates to "" instead of a number, in condition "'$(TargetPlatformMinVersion)' >= '10.0.17200.0'".    IFS.FSMW.SQLitePCL.Ext.Universal        


  Severity    Code    Description    Project    File    Line    Suppression State    Suppression State
Error        The system cannot find the file specified.    IFS.FSMW.Mobile    C:\Users\huhalk\OneDrive - IFS\Desktop\MobileWindowsSDK\SDK\IFS.FSMW\IFS.FSMW.Mobile\error PRI175  

Severity    Code    Description    Project    File    Line    Suppression State    Suppression State
Error        0xdef00071 - File C:\Users\huhalk\OneDrive - IFS\Desktop\MobileWindowsSDK\SDK\IFS.FSMW\IFS.FSMW.SQLitePCL.Ext.Universal\bin\Debug\SQLitePCL.Ext.pri not found.    IFS.FSMW.Mobile    C:\Users\huhalk\OneDrive - IFS\Desktop\MobileWindowsSDK\SDK\IFS.FSMW\IFS.FSMW.Mobile\GENERATEPROJECTPRIFILE 
My questions are

  1. What is this TargetPlatformMinVersion error ? What should I do to fix it ?
  2. What is this file SQLitePCL.Ext.pri ? I checked the path that is recorded in the error, but it doesn’t contain such file 

What should I do to fix this ? 


Quick reply on this would be much appreciated since I need to debug the application as soon as possible for an urgent case.


P.S. I’m using Visual Studio 2019


Thanks in Advance !!!

Hushan Hasarel


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Hi Community,


In the debug process I’ve found the fixes for these errors I encountered. I had done all the things as described in RnD developer guide and still got these errors, in case someone encounter the same errors, I hope this will help them,


1st Error


To fix the $(TargetPlatformMinVersion) error, you have to open the solution with Visual Studio, right click on the Project which gives this error which is from IFS.FSMW.SQLitePCL.Ext.Universal and click on Unload Project as depicted below,

Unload the project IFS.FSMW.SQLitePCL.Ext.Universal

After Unloading right click on that project again and click on Edit IFS.FSMW.SQLitePCL.Ext.Universal.csproj as below,

Edit IFS.FSMW.SQLitePCL.Ext.Universal.csproj

Csproj file will be opened as below and add this line in the first <PropertyGroup> block, please note that the value inside the following tag should be equal or greater than the value showed in the error.



Add TargetPlatformMinVersion to the csproj file

After adding this line, save the project, right click on the project on solution explorer and click Reload Project

Reload Project

Now clean the whole solution and build only the IFS.FSMW.Mobile project. Now this error will be fixed. This error has been marked as bug from Microsoft in github.


2nd & 3rd Error


This 2nd and 3rd errors occur because the project is missing a file called SQLitePCL.Ext.pri . I’m not sure if I did something wrong here to miss this file in the first place. But I found this file in BitBucket

Source of SQLitePCL.Ext.pri - Omni-Loyalty-233 - Bitbucket (

Download this file and copy it to the bin/debug folder of IFS.FSMW.SQLitePCL.Ext.Universal project as follows,

Add .pri file to the project

After that clean the whole solution, rebuild the IFS.FSMW.Mobile project. Now it should be built successfully without any errors. After that you should be able to run the FSM Windows Mobile app through visual studio. Hope this information helps someone in the future.


Thanks & Best Regards,

Hushan Hasarel