Attachments with certain characters do not open on Mobile

  • 16 November 2021
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Hi all,

I noticed an issue where Attachments with spaces and special characters have issues opening on mobile(will still open in Web Client). Is this a known issue and is there a way to fix this?

Appreciate your help on this.



Anupama Nagahawatta

3 replies

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Hi @AnupamaHN ,

Have nt encountered before.

Could you please let us know and example attachment name that you are facing the issue and FSM version that you are working with?


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Hi Sanjeewa,

I’m using FSM 6.0 update 12 and please refer the below screencap for the example attachment name.

This cannot be opened from the mobile client there is no issue opening this from the web client.


Anupama Nagahawatta

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Hi @AnupamaHN 

I have not come across in such situation earlier. In order to narrow down the issue, please mention whether you have tried the same attachment in all mobile versions ? (iOS , Android , Windows ) 
If so, Kindly send the same attachment which you are not able to open in mobile client so that I may able to observe the behavior .

Thanks and Best Regards,