New file type - e-sign required and error message

  • 26 March 2024
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I use IFS Cloud (Application service update: 23.2.1).

I create a new file type in the EDM basic data. This is for the .stp Extension (3D Files from CAD)

Then I use this new file type when creating a new document revision. When I try to approve the revision, I have this message :

“The number of PDF files and/or the combination of view and original files on this document is invalid for PDF signature and certification. If you are an end-user, talk to your system administrator. If you are calling this API from code, check your data or consider using the more specific method to sign your PDF file.”

This file type is not PDF so I don’t want (and I can’t) use e-sign for this file.

I use several document class to test and the result is the same.

If I use a already created file type, this OK, I can validate it without any problems. 

Does somebody have any ideas about this issue ?

Thanks for your feedback if you have same issue.





Best answer by Mathias Dahl 27 March 2024, 11:42

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5 replies

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Hi @NicolasB-K4U,

When you added the record in the File type in the EDM basic data, what is the Document Type you entered when adding this record?

Please check whether the document type is ORIGINAL or VIEW and see if you get the same error

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Hi @Asitha Rajapaksha ,


I’ve tried with ORIGINAL and VIEW.

The result is the same : the error occurs 🙁



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Hi, I think I know exactly what you are experiencing. You are using our currently "broken" (almost) PDF signature functionality. I can see it on the error message.

This functionality is currently not very useful in IFS Cloud. I suggest that you disable the custom events or standard events that triggers the PDF signing.

I cannot say if it's a standard or custom event that triggers this, in your case, but you should look at what events you have enabled and disable the one that reacts to your approval (I think it's a standard event) and disable it, or disable the event action that is used to sign the PDF.

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@Mathias Dahl 

Hi Mathias,

This is correct, it’s an event that was the origin of this issue. The event is a standard event called “DOCUMENT_APPROVED” and the action is SQL :

Edm_File_Sign_Util_API.Certify_Pdf_File('&DOC_CLASS', '&DOC_NO', '&DOC_SHEET', '&DOC_REV', 'Signature from IFS');

When disabled it works fine.

Thanks a lot for you help.


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Thanks for verifying!

Now  you need to ask yourself: why did you have that custom event action and what will it be replaced with? ... 🤔