Mass Change of Document Object Connections

  • 3 April 2024
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I am working with a customer that would like to change the document object connections for documents connected to an activity on a project to an activity on a different project?



2 replies

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Hi @Vernon Anderson 


As I see, the best way to do that, is like below according to the steps below.

01 - Get the document revisions of those document object connections

02 - Disconnect (Remove) the existing objects connected with reference if the Object = ‘Activity’

03 - Reconnect the correct object.



All the above steps can be done through a data migration. Anyway, it’s bit of series of work to do like creating the migration jobs etc.… However, it would be the safest option than going for a data correction from backend.


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We don't have any functionality that can do this in an easy manner. So data migration/fndmig might be one option. A custom event, which will allow you do execute PL/SQL code, is also an option.