Handling of BLOB data with Smart Data Manager

  • 24 August 2021
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There is a threads in the category “Framework & Experience” regarding handling documents on different versions of the new migration tool Smart Data Manager.
Maybe someone within the DocMan community have an answer to the following, which is part of a question I posted in that thread? (Please see the other post to get the context of the question.)

  • “Will any or both of the versions be able to handle BLOB/CLOB data? Or in other words, possible to handle file data in DocMan which is stored as BLOB data.”

(The wording “both versions” refer to Smart Data Tool (an add-on for IFS Apps 10) and Smart Data Manager (IFS Cloud), and whether this is correct I leave to the authors in that thread to cater for:) )



Best answer by Mathias Dahl 24 August 2021, 15:12

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2 replies

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Replied in that other post.


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Replied in that other post.


Thanks Mathias, I knew there would be an answer as soon as you got in to the loop in the other forum category! :)