Document Class Access based on the Companies or Sites

  • 19 April 2024
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Hello I am looking for a possible option for below concern.

I have a customer who is looking to move to doc man from a third party tool.

Lets say this customer has 2 companies, and both companies use the same document class. For example document class 100.

Customer wants to restrict the document access based on the users in the companies. Lets say Company A users shouldn’t be able to view the documents Related to Company B users even all of them using the same document class.

I know we can restrict the access based on the document class, is there any other method?





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2 replies

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Even though there are other document access methods, I don’t see a good match of them to the situation explained above. Please have a read on “AboutDocumentAccess.htm”


We can think of prefixing or suffixing the Company Name with the Document Class (100-A 100-B) during the data migration, probably with a simple custom event. This would be the safest & simplest approach, only If the customer does not have a requirement of maintaining the same document class in IFS. 

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If you don't have too many document classes and not too many companies, combining the company name/ID and the document class into a specific document class name is the easiest way, and a standard way to control this.

If you really don't want company-specific document classes, you have to "be clever" in some way, using custom events that ensures that, depending on some field on the document revision, or depending on what the document revision is connected to, the actual document access on each document revision is modified accordingly. Once you understand how the document access works, it should not be too hard to come up with a custom solution that works for your customer. Try to go with the system as much as you can and tweak it using custom events and/or custom fields when you must.

Good luck!