APPs10 - Cannot approve a project forecast

  • 6 October 2022
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I get below error when a project forecast is trying to approve. The data i created is in Reg Test lkp.

Is this a known issue. Why i suspect this as a bug is that, the error has no connection with what i do. I am using a simple approval template (with only one step) and the forecast, or the approval template is not connected to any document. Error says something about a Signature (?)

If i am wrong pls let me know how should i proceed.

Above can recreate just by getting a forecast in state 'Approval in Progress’ and then try to execute the approval step in the template and observe the error.

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Best answer by Mathias Dahl 6 October 2022, 22:23

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2 replies

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Seems like someone had enabled an event action for signing PDF files in that environment and didn't know how to set it up properly.

Try to find the offending action and disable it. Then your approval should work.


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Thank you Mathias !, Yes there was an application defined event (with many event actions) under Lu ApprovalRouting causing this issue.