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  • 16 April 2021
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I have multiple address lines for few of my customers. Since we can have only Address1 and Address2 object in IFS.. I tried to increase the Address1 text box length in Address presentation.


OK and Cancel buttons is not moving automatically to fit in lengthy Address 1 and Address 2 boxes.




Best answer by Susith Setunga 19 April 2021, 05:12

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8 replies

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You can try this by also increasing dialog window width



Even you can have multiple address lines such as 1,2,3,4 like below



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Hi Geminirajesh,

System is currently not designed to automatically increase dialog box size along matching to line lengths. Hence as Susith shows in the previous comment, you have to manually adjust Dialog height and width as per your business requirements.

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Hi Susith,

I managed to increase the dialog box size, thanks for the help.

I also tried to add ADDRESS3 and saved the layout etc.. but the new Address3 line does not show up.


Please see below



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Are you logged in with IFSAPP or with sufficient privileges? I cannot see some columns in your presentation like the row count.

Also you need to see the Address 3,4,5,6 on bottom of the display layout to enter values like below


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I have logged in with admin rights.. I don’t see Max row count and User defined row count columns

And also when I try to add more than 6 fields, it says the max allow fields are 6

Am I missing any setting ?


P.S. I’m on APPS9



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This is the error I see when I add Address4.

I don’t see this error when I add Address3 alone, but still it does not show the new address boxes in the Address Sample or on the layout.



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Ohh sorry i was referring to APP10. Didn’t notice that you were using APP9.

Let me check this on APP9

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Hi @geminirajesh 


Your requirement has been addressed in our Apps 10 release. This had been redesigned and the length had been extended in APP10 release. 

From Apps 10 onwards there will be additional address lines named Address 3, Address 4, Address 5 and Address 6 apart from the usual two lines. Our Research and Development team states that Address Lines (3,4,5,6) can increase its character length up to 100 while address lines 1 and 2 will have the character length of 35. 

However , if you are to add an address line 3 in applications 9, this has to be done as a customization. RnD adding an address line 3 will affect all the places that use address information throughout the application, for example product groups such as Finance, Supply Chain, Projects, Manufacturing, HR, etc. Therefore, such a huge development cannot be done based on the directive of the support scope.


The Work around  would be to use the ‘County’ field within the address set up as an address line 3. Please see the below screen shots,