Print document direct with windows printer or with ifs print agent to the printer -> not the same size of the printout

  • 5 November 2020
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When I print a purchase order direct with the windows printer and a second time too the same printer via the ifs print agent the printouts are not the same. The printout thru the print agent is smaller → the position of the address is not on the same point.

How I tell to the print agent, that he don’t have to shrink the print. 


IFS APP 10 Update 8.

4 replies

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Which version of the print agent are you using ?

We suffered from a similar issue which was resolved by changing the type of Print Agent used.


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IFS Print Agent Dot Net installation version.

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Are you able to attach examples of the output showing the differences ?

Are the POs created using Report Designer or Crystal Report layouts ?

Do you get the same output issues for more report and printer combinations ?

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\\svps19\PR2146 → direct print (Windows Standard Printer)

IFS Print Agent PR2146 → same printer thru  Print Agent


0106_001.pdf = Purchase Order (Report Designer Standard TREX-Reports)

0108_001.pdf = Order Confirmation (Report Designer Standard TREX-Reports)