Import Demand Planning Forecasts - Various Demand Time Fences

  • 20 November 2020
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We have a Customer who has various order lead times, for example:

Batch of Products A - Day 1 Order for Day 2 Delivery order profile - Demand Time Fence = 1

Batch of Products B - Day 1 Order for Day 3 Delivery order profile - Demand Time Fence = 2

Parts are defined as SU/JSAI...[Varietal Code]...[Numerical Code]

When we Import Demand into IFS we would import by either SU% or SU/MARS%, drilling further down would not be feasible given the number of SKU’s.

On the Import Demand Planning Forecast window we have to select the appropriate Date Interval Start Date & End Date.

When the start date is equal to Batch of Products A - Demand Time Fence +1 we experience an inflated value for all Batch of Products B. If we run with Products B - Demand Time Fence +2 we lose a days Forecast values for Batch of Products A.


I have attached an old test plan, it’s a difficult issue to follow / explain but wondered if anyone else had had similar experiences or perhaps there is something we are missing or something incorrectly configured.


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