Segregation of Purchasing types within order code 1

  • 13 October 2021
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HI Team,


Does anyone know how to segregate the purchasing type in PO within order code 1.

We have a requirement where client is looking to exclude service Po’s from PO approval process because they are not aware of the Service price when the PO is created (PO’s raised with Zero price).So we need to exclude those PO’s from PO approval process. is there any way that we can segregate such PO’s and exclude service PO’s from PO approval process. Here PO approval process is done in different application via using integration not in IFS.

there is an option - Purchase code which give the information about purchase type , but there is a risk user can create PO belongs to different Purchase type with purchase code-Service and zero price and exclude those PO’s from approval process. 

Can anyone please suggest me how to exclude service PO’s from PO approval.

2 replies

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Hi @kamal, do IFS Purchase Order Authorization Rules have a connection with your PO approval process in the integration?

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HI @Ravinatha Ariyarathna , no, IFS will send PO’s and other system will approve it based on the approval matrix what they have.