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MRB Case against multiple receipts

  • 16 May 2022
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I have not found much detail on this functionality, but I am hoping there is a way to accomplish this. In many instances, we may have a single PO with multiple receipts against it. In the event we need to perform a return of defective material to the Supplier, it appears only 1 MRB case can be created against 1 receipt. 

If the total returned qty is spread across multiple Receipts, can they be combined into one Receipt that the MRB case can be opened against? 

Receipt 1 - 50 pcs

Receipt 2 - 25 pcs

Total qty needed to be returned to Supplier - 75. Ideally, 1 MRB case is opened for the total qty, and is attached to both Receipts. 

The only work around I have found is to move the material to an MRB Inventory Location and open an MRB case against that amount. This unfortunately disconnects the process and you are logically managing the inspection/disposition of the materials. 

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. 


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We have used the workaround as the functionality does not seem to exist.