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  • 24 November 2022
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I have tried running the ‘Cleanup on Inventory’ parts for the first time since we started using IFS and although I can see some lines have been removed, I am still seeing lots of Qty on Hand = 0


Can someone explain how I can run something that removes ALL zero qty on hand as of today?

Also, the Date filter in the Clean Up - How is this working? Will it only remove lines that have been zero for the days specified? 

2 replies

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Hi @lisa.gilesAB ,

Clean up inventory job can be used to remove location related inventory part records which have zero quantity on-hand and are not frozen for counting.

Once you run the record you should be able to see that inventory part records with on-hand quantity of zero and a last transaction date prior to the number of days specified in the Days Before Current Date field, are removed from the Inventory Part In Stock, Receive Inventory Part and the Issue Inventory Part windows.

Therefore, please check below scenarios;

  1. Last transaction dates of inventory part. This can be check by referring to the created date of the Inventory transaction history per part window. Check whether this is prior to the number of days specified in ‘Days before current date’ field
  2. Check whether the part has been frozen for counting. This can be check by the frozen check box in ‘Inventory part in stock’ window.


Thank you,


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Hi @lisa.gilesAB

This activity is used to remove location records created for inventory parts that have a zero quantity on-hand and are not frozen.

You can specify the number of days prior to today's date (i.e., system date) and the site for which the records should be removed. The last transaction date for the location of the inventory part is used to determine if a cleanup should be performed.

For example, if you put “1” in Days Before Current Date field, all the location records with zero on hand qty, not frozen and has Last Activity Date prior to yesterday’s date will be deleted (from Inventory Part in Stock window).