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How to create a Purchase Order No per Company?

  • 17 January 2022
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In a deployment with several company, is required to have differente number for the purchase order by company?, is this possible to configurate in a APP9?

How to use coordinators group by company?




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Hi @ConAlberM 

we use also IFS App 9. You can allocate the coordinator group to a ceratin user.

For example:

Or using the following screen:


You can create for each company a new coordinator group and allocate it to these users.

If you crate a new purchase order the order no contains the prefix P.

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Keep in mind that when you create a Coordinator group per company, you are limited to only 1 character per coordinator group. This means only the values 0-9 or A-Z can be used. This results in a max of 36 possible Coordinator groups. Also mention per coordinator group the Purchase Prefix (values 0-9 and A-Z can be used. so also 36 possible prefixes.) and the Purchase Order starting number.

Furthermore as mentioned above, you can connect each user with a different Coordinator group. 

Also think what to do if a user is working in multiple companies. This can result in a wrong coordinator group connection for one of the companies (Site), which results in a wrong prefix for that company (Site) when a PO is created.

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Hi All, 

Could be possible to overcome the limition of 1 character for for coordinators groups? or developing  an event to create the Purcharse order number?

Thanks to all for your help...  

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Hi @ConAlberM 

The limit of 1 character is core functionality. I f that needs to be changed it's a modification.

Creating an event is also a modification.

my advice would be not to do any of these.