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Error when creating a Supplier Return

  • 12 July 2021
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We are receiving the following error when attempting trying to create a Supplier Return.  

We have 2 milestone /staged payments both in Invoiced status. Latest date on the last staged payment is 5/13/2021.

We still have parts to be repaired. So, how do we get the parts returned to the supplier for the repair?




3 replies

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Is there a way to reopen a staged purchase order line to perform a return for rework or credit?

Test Plan:

1.) Enter a PO line set to ‘Staged’ Payment type.

2.) Release the PO

3.) Enter 2 Stage Payment lines for 50% each.

4.) Approve and enter a supplier invoice for stage 1.

5.) Receive the PO into an inventory location.

6.) Approve the 2nd stage and flag it as the Final Stage Payment.

7.) Enter a supplier invoice for stage2.

8.) Customer realizes they need to return the parts back to the supplier. 

9.) Try to reopen the po line.  The following error appears, “Reopen of closed Purchase Order Line XXX, X is not allowed when the last stage payment milestone is approved.”


Per R&D, “This is considered the desired functionality and R&D has no plan to change the relevant behavior, in the foreseen future. 

So to prevent that a receipt is cancelled when all stage payments have been approved there should be a check if all stage payments are approved when the system tries to re-open a closed purchase order line as a part of the cancel receipt process. (A purchase order line is automatically re-opened when a receipt is cancelled). If all stage payments are approved there should be an error message that states something like:

“This purchase order line can’t be reopened as all stage payments are approved. Revoke approval for last stage payment before reopening purchase order line”.

Also note, that a stage payment approval of the last stage payment can’t be revoked if there are supplier invoices matched against that stage payment. Consequently any matched supplier invoice matched against the last stage payment must also be manually cancelled before a receipt is returned.”

In other words, in order for you to reopen the PO line you need to cancel the supplier invoice first and then remove the last stage payment. Thereafter you should be able to reopen the PO line.

Please let me know if this helps you to resolve your issue. 

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Thank you so much.  What happens if we are not using Staged Payments.  We have a different situation with the PO being Direct Delivery without a staged payment.

Error is:  


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This is a limitation in versions APPS 9 and lower. For internal PO direct you could do a return but not for the "PO direct".  This has been addresses in APPS 10 as part of new functionality.


Per R&D there are two workarounds to this problem. IFS is recommend the first one.

Workaround 1 *

Customer A sends the goods back to the selling company B.  

Company B makes a RMA and places the goods into inventory.   

Credit invoice is sent to the customer.    

Instead of returning the material to the supplier, company B sell the goods to supplier C.    

That means B have to define the supplier as a customer in the system and sell to him on a customer order.
This means supplier C will get the goods, the money is cleared because company B is sending a debit


Workaround 2 *

Customer A sends the goods back to the selling company B.   

Company B makes a RMA and places the goods into inventory.   

Credit invoice is sent to the customer.   

To be able to return the material to the supplier C, company B does the following:   

Create a purchase order for the parts   

Make an arrival of the po in the system. Note, there is no physical arrival behind this transaction.   

Reopen PO line.   

Enter Qty to inspect on the PO receipt.   

Perform the function Return to Supplier for credit   

To clear out the inventory balance you have to use the function Scrap in Inventory. Otherwise the inventory on-hand balance shows too much.   

It is very important to make references to the original PO on this new PO when sending it to the supplier.