Cancel Partially Invoiced Purchase Receipt

  • 9 September 2021
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Is there any quicker method to cancel/close Purchase Order Receipts which have been partially invoiced? i.e. PO Receipt for 10 units, Invoice matched for 8 units, 2 units remaining unmatched on receipt/GRNI  report.


If the PO Receipt is not matched to an invoice , it is a simple RMB ‘Cancel Receipt’. However, once it is matched partially this option isn’t available and it becomes a more involved process.


We currently use the ‘Register Inspection Results/Return for Rework’ - it closes the receipt and clears the GRNI balance, but it is a bit involved, i.e. not a quick right mouse click like the full cancellation.

The only other options I’m aware of are:

> Dummy zero value AP invoice

>Close date on receipt - but this requires a manual voucher or the GRNI report/GL will not  balance.


Just wanted to check if there is anything we’re missing to speed up the process of tidying up partially matched receipts/GRNI report/GL? 

NOTE: we’re on Apps9

3 replies

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@PennyB, if the payment is not made and if the user has posting authorising access, you should be able to delete the matched line from the invoice and then Cancel the PO receipt. I am not sure about your exact situation. But wonder whether this would help.
Even if the payment is made, you can reverse it too. But then again it becomes more ‘involved’ as you might call it :) but I think is necessary to reverse the process.

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@PennyB You are correct that the reason your "Cancel Arrival/Receipt" option is grayed out is that there is an Invoice already created for this PO. The state of the invoice does not matter.  If you go to Invoiced Purchase Orders, then query for your Po/Line/release combination, you will see the Relevant Invoice No.


You must cancel this invoice in order to cancel the receipt.  This you can do in manual supplier invoice by querying for the appropriate Invoice (in the Invoice Identity field) and selecting RMB "Cancel Invoice".  Now, if you go back to the Purchase Order Receipt window you should see this option enabled.

I think you are following the best way to overcome such situations using Register Inspection Results/Return for Rework.

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Thanks for your replies, understand canceling/un-matching the invoice would enable the ‘Cancel Receipt’ RMB to be used, however this would be a longer process than our current ‘register inspection results’ option.

Sounds like we are using the most efficient method that exists, unless any further replies come through.