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  • 25 January 2023
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I feel like I should be able to glean this from the wiki but all my attempts are coming to nothing. We want to put the Actioning user (or failing that the assigned user) name into an Action Template as people are not always signing off with their name when left to their own devices. 

Any help on finding the right variable name would be much appreciated. 


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It depends when the template applies. Action templates are typically used in assystWeb to populate the template for an action based on the current values of the event before the action is taken. They can’t use values from the action itself because the action has not yet been taken (if that makes sense)?  

For example the syntax would be $ for actioning user, or $ for the assigned user, however both of those values are only populated after the action is taken.

If you need this sort of feature I’d recommend suggesting it in the Ideas forum 


Could we pulled Assigned User from the parent event for the action instead?


You could - though again that would be assignment before the action is taken. If the action itself is assign (or there’s any workflow that performs an assignment on the back of that action) the outcome may not be what you are looking for. If the action doesn’t reassign that will work (syntax as above)

ok, that would work for our purposes I believe - however the syntax you’ve given doesn’t match the style used in Action Templates which is more of the [EVENT_AFFECTED_USER_NAME] style syntax

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We’ve been using this without issue in our templates to pull in the actioning user as well as in others their phone number, email etc. via Extended Keyword Notation functionality.

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Thank you @moconnor1 that is the key piece of information I was missing. Much appreciated.