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PM actions structure - connection

  • 19 January 2022
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If working with PM structure, there will be some strange issues.

In this test scenario I have two PM actions with same Event but with different Interval.
The PM action 'x' should be generated all the time when trigger the ‘Event generation’ job.
PM action 'y' should be included in the structure every third time the ‘Event generation’ job are triggered.

But when trying to connect PM action 'x' and 'y' together the PM action 'y' will be updated with the same interval that exits on PM action 'x'.

- Yes, the warning message will tell me that (see screen shot 5 in attached document)

Attached document include test scenarios from our customer build place and can also be recreated in customer use place environment.

I don’t think that is okay, because we want them to be connected to each other in structure every third time, not every time.

I hope I can attached a document after this is saved. where I have a step by step instruction. 


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When working with PM structures the top PM will be the master and all underlying PMs connected will inherit the generation details. As in your example PM ‘Y’ will inherit the details from PM ‘X’ and by that also be generated each time when running the event. This is the basic idea with creating a PM structure, that the identical structure will be created on the WO side.


However as I see it you can get what you want without connecting your PMs into a PM structure.

When you enter the event data into your PMs you just enter as follows.

  • PM ‘X’ - Event = <event name> , Start = 1, Interval = 1
  • PM ‘Y’ Event = <event name> , Start = 1, Interval = 3

Now when running your event generation for event <event name> you will get PM ’X’ generated each time and PM ‘Y’ every third time.


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As an addition to my earlier answer.

if you want the PMs to be connected to each other every third time when both are generated,  my proposal is to solve this by using PM Group ID on the PMs to get both generated as separate work tasks into same WO.

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Hi Pelle

I will verify and see if your suggestion is working.

If you can create a WO structure you can on a structured way see which PM Work orders belongs together. 

I think you I am missing that above.

But I have to verify this first :relaxed: