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How to calculate Due(%) in PM action window?

  • 11 June 2021
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Hi Experts,

I’m curious to know how Due (%) is calculated in PM action window and what kind of data is used for it. TIA


Best answer by Kushan Jayasinghe 11 June 2021, 13:06

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Hi @Sudheera Nimalshantha,

There are 3 scenarios to consider when calculating the Due (%) for calendar lines.


(a) If no WO is generated

Due (%) = (((site_date_- min_planned_date_)/interval_) *100) +100


Here. the min_planned_date_ = Planned Date of the maintenance plan line.


(b) If Performed base = N and WO is generated

Due (%) = ((site_date_ - planned_date_)/interval_) *100


Here, the planned_date_ = Date the last WO is generated.


(c) If Performed base = Y and no WO is generated

Due (%) = ((site_date_ - performed_date_)/interval_) *100


Here, the performed_date _ = completion date of the last WO.


I hope this helps.


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Hi @Kushan Jayasinghe ,


Thank you very much for going into detail and explaining all 3 scenarios. It really helps and I appreciate your support!





Hi All,

I'm afraid that I should add my additional questions here on the solved question, but I could not find  the logic how Due% is calculated. I still have further questions even after I read your comments. I appreciate it if you could kindly explain.

What does the Due% value mean? From the Due% value, what can I know and how can I use it for?

I found some parameters in the calculation logic. Which screen / fields should I refer on application?
Performed base

How will Due% be calculated in other cases, e.g. when Performed base = Y and WO is generated, and when Performed base = N and no WO is generated?
Or, should I think that Performed base becomes N once WO is generated?


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Remaining to Due

For calendar lines; the Remaining to Due column shows the amount of days until the line is due; i.e.: the value is calculated from the number of days from the Planned Date of the maintenance plan line to the current date. If the value in the Remaining to Due column is positive, the line has not yet fallen due. On the other hand, if the value is negative, the line has already fallen due.

Due (%)

The Due (%) column is always calculated based on the dates in the maintenance plan. A Due percentage of 50% means that it is half way from when it was last performed to its due date, where as 100% means that the PM action falls due the same day.

The Due(%) value showed in the General tab will always show the highest Due (%) value from the lines in the Maintenance Plan.



Thank you and my apologies for my late response.

I will check the application behavior with your comments. I also appreciate it if I can have any comment for other questions.