How to Allow source in word and view as pdf for same document

  • 5 November 2022
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How is it possible to define Type as ORIGINAL and to select View Type for Checking ? the checking dialog Box doesn’t see this option ?
to allow somme user to view the file document  as PDF only and  owner to checkIn/checkOut as Word Document with One Document in EDM.

Checking dialog box

There is no option to select view type file ?

when a check in only one file is uploaded

although 2 files in the drive Worrd and PDF




3 replies

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Hi @Djedai 


When you check in an original file, there needs to be a view file in the same folder with the same name. Then automatically IFS will check in the view file as well. From the screenshot it looks like your view file name has an extra space character compared to the original file.



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Also, for this to work you need to use the Aurena Agent and have that be enabled for the environment you are using.

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Hi @Djedai 

In addition to previous comments - and to have the automatic check in of the PDF (the View copy) to work - you’ll have to set PDF to Document type ‘VIEW’. In your picture it looks like it is set to ‘ORIGINAL’ (it is a little bit blurred behind the help text and hard to read).