FSM 6 - "Pick Complete" for individual shipments

  • 9 September 2021
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The “Pick Complete” box on Requests/RMAs states “Indicates whether part needs cannot be picked until all part needs are allocated.”

When mass print picking, default behavior is for picklists to be broken by “Ship Via” and “Promised Date”

Is there a way to “Pick Complete” for only the individual picklists rather than then entire request?


On one request
2 fully allocated Part Needs for Promise Dt 2021-09-08
1 backordered Part Need for Promise Dt 2021-09-15
1 fully allocated Part Need for Promise Dt 2021-09-15

If the Request is set to “Pick Complete” no picklists will be generated. I would like to be able to “Pick Complete” for the Part Needs due 09-08 and leave the Part Needs due 09-15 until they can be fully allocated.

Is that possible?



2 replies

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Hello Ethan,
As mentioned “Pick Complete” is used to make sure all part needs for the request unit must be allocated before any of the needs can be picked.
However if you want to Run for first pick on 2021-09-08 and second pick on 2021-09-15 when parts are available, I would like to know what is the exact business requirement for setting “Pick Complete” option to TRUE in this scenario.
This because somehow no picklist will be created even for date 2021-09-08 if parts are not allocated.


However as I have experienced, there is no workaround to by pass this function unless to set the option to False.

Kind Regards,

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Hi Kasun,


Thanks for your reply - the case would be we have 2 “waves” of parts that need to ship, one on 2021-09-08 and another on 2021-09-15. Each “wave” we would want to ship with all parts, but if the 2021-09-08 parts are fully allocated we would want to ship that wave even if there are parts backordered for 2021-09-15.


I think we’re going to use the Task “Pick Complete” function for this and put the part needs on separate tasks...probably the way we should have set them up from the start :D