Can not add printer in print agents

  • 21 September 2021
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I can not add a printer in Print agents in IFS app9. I have added the printer in the logical printers list but can still not choose it in Print agents. Does anyone know what the solution to this could be?

Since I can not add the printer in print agents, the job failes to print.


2 replies

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You’ll need to add the printer in a few places:

  • Logical Printers
  • Report Formatters or Application Server Tasks (depending on Apps version)
  • ifs-printagent-config.xml inside the agent directory
  • As a Windows printer, shared


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Thank you for your answer!

The printer is added as a logical printer and in the config.xml but I can not choose that printer in the Report formatters, that is the issue.

When you write “As a windows printer, shared” - Is that a setup in IFS?