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  • 24 November 2022
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We would like to start assigning Work Orders to specific technicians. Currently I know how to allocate Work Orders via the Active Work Order screen. 


This would be fine to start working with, unfortunately I am unable to directly view if an order is allocated to a person. This makes it difficult to assign specific Orders to specific persons.

Is there a way to directly view and assign/ allocate resource in one screen?

Furthermore, I can assign a multiple people to a single Work Order. If one technician would accept the work, will the work disappear from the screen of the other technician(s)?

Finally, could this process be automated? To be assigned using Qualifications (Resource Details)?


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Hi @Wout ,

If you want to view allocated work orders with allocated resources you can use Work Assignments window. However, his window will show you only the work orders that have work assignments created.


Also you can use Resource Monitoring Gantt to see work assignments allocated to resources.

If you have assigned a work order for multiple resources, then there are multiple work assignments created under the work task and individual assignment is created for individual resource. Therefore, even if one resource accepted and started the work other work assignments will remain with other resources. For this , you can just add the resource group under Resource Demands and Release the work. Then all resources under that resource group will see the work task under ‘Unassigned Work’ of the Service technician portal/Maintenance engineer portal. Then if one resource accepted the work , it will disappear for other resources.

If you want to automate the process please check if Maintenance Planning Board will address your requirement.

The Maintenance Planning Board solution provides below functionalities:

  • Scheduling stand alone Work Orders, Work Order Structures and Active PM action occurrences in PM maintenance plan of a site/ site network.
  • Scheduling Resource Breaks and project connected stand alone Work Orders.
  • Defining Resource Groups with infinite or finite capacities and performing infinite or finite scheduling of maintenance and resources.
  • Defining critical work on Work Tasks/PM Work Lists and prioritize scheduling of critical work.
  • If IFS/Operational Plan is used, visualization of operational plans and scheduling Work Orders/PMs based on object accessibility.
  • Visualizing and Scheduling maintenance in multiple sites in the same client using Maintenance Planning Board for Planning Network.

Thanks & Best Regards,