what spec device is recommended to use for WADACO

  • 3 June 2021
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We are currently looking to switch over from using Acquire to WADACO.

Does anyone have recommendations of device to use and spec required?

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These are the minimum requirements for each client. 

IFS Scan It

Operating System Minimum Version IFS Applications Support as of Limitation Solution
Android 5 RTM    
Windows Mobile 6.5 RTM Windows Mobile client login to the IFS Application using the SOAP gateway. This gateway uses Basic authentication. In order to facilitate Basic authentication when AzureAD is used as the identity provider you need to enable Domain services in the AzureAD. This makes it possible for the Azure Active Directory to be exposed as an LDAPS server. Even though windows mobile 6.5 works with the Azure AD for authentication, as Windows Mobile being an old platform without any support from Microsoft, It's not recommend to use Azure AD against Window Mobile as it occurs performance issues for few customers. Use On-Prem AD instead of Azure AD for the windows mobile client
The Windows Mobile client is developed for handhelds running Windows Mobile 6.5 / Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5. The client will however also work on devices running older versions of Windows Mobile and also Windows CE (Windows CE 7.0 and earlier), provided .Net CF 3.5 is installed and supported by the device/OS. Using the client on any device but the ones listed below needs to be verified by the project/customer and the above support restrictions needs to be considered. Note that using the camera (e.g. to take photos in the Register Arrivals process) is not supported by Windows CE 7.0   

IFS Aurena Scan It

Operating System Minimum Version IFS Applications Support as of Limitation Solution
Android 6 UPD8    
iOS 9 UPD8 Dark Mode introduced in iOS 13 is not fully supported by IFS Aurena Native Apps.  
Windows 10 UPD8 Windows 10 versions described in Windows Based Client Section  


However I recommended that you initiate a dialogue with your local IFS consulting organization for recommendations for specific device vendors and modals as they may vary based on region. 

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Hi @MickCOl ,


We currently use IFS Application 10 Update 8 and we use the IFS Aurena Scan It 10 application on two models of barcode readers from Zebra.  Handheld Computers | Zebra


We use MC9300 and TC25 models both of which run Android operating system version 8.  We tested several other of the models but decided on these two for our company.  A few of us have even utilized our Android phones to perform scanning as well on a limited basis.  


I think the best advise is to get loaner barcode scanners you’re interested and test them to see how they work in your environment and with the IFS Aurena Scan It 10.  This way you’ll know whatever you choose is going to work for your situation. 



William Klotz

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Hi @MickCOl ,

Below article would be useful to have an overall idea about the specifications