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  • 5 May 2021
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Are there any training material for WaDaCo technical items? For example, if anything need to be changed or added, how it is done?


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5 replies

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You may refer to the F1 online documentation as the 1st option to get any help. For other training materials, I believe you may have to contact the region for a training.




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If you have any specific question you could also try and ask them here. 

But basically I can say that the wadaco solution is handled 99% in the server code with normal plsql packages and tables. The scanning client(s) itself is very thin and dumb, most logic is handled in the server and feed to the client one step at a time. The wadaco component itself only holds the server framework and clients for basic data and scanning client(s) and the tables where all the processes and configurations are stored into during installation, so the wadaco framework is built very generic and all the process logic is handled by the different processes that are stored/used in wadaco. 

So the source code for each process is stored/handled in the component where most of its logic/data/functionality belongs to like INVENT/ORDER/RCEIPT/SHPORD/KANBAN/WO/SHPMNT. Each process consist of a server package usually named something with DataCa*.plsql and a installation (POST) script (with similar name) that will install the process and all items into the wadaco tables. So if you want to adapt a CORE process or create a new process you need those files to do your changes.

Also if we are talking about CORE processes, most of them have new methods created in the server packages that stores the “data source” for the functionality/process, that will handle LOV/Validation and get automatic value functionality. While when it comes to customer created process I have seen different solutions, some follow how be build them in CORE and some have also these methods/cursors inside the process package.

There is a template process package in the wadaco component (\workspace\wadaco\template\wadaco\DataCaptProcessTemplate.plsql) that can be used when creating a new process, here all methods are listed with short explanations that the framework can/will call if they exist in the process package to handle and drive the process when running it in wadaco.

I usually recommend that you look both at the template process and some of the current CORE processes that exist to figure out how to adapt or build new ones, it seems to not require that much effort to figure out what is needed when you start with it, since there is a lot of adapted processes out there.


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Hey @Dario Zani this is much more informative than the other thread I replied to. Feel free to disregard (I’ll post a link to this post in a reply to myself.)

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@EntRandyG sure, no problem. Let me know if you have any more  questions about the inner workings of wadaco.

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Link to another thread with some goodies on the subject.

-Randy G.