Wadaco - Subsequent Item (from db)

  • 26 August 2021
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Perform Create Handling Unit and set Modify Handling as the next process.


Issue: I want the Handling Unit Id created from the first process to be set as default value for the Modify-process. However, Handling Unit Id is not a Data Item in the first process but the actual result of finishing the process and the value is stored in the db.


Is there any solution to have these two processes after eachother where the second process still fetches the Handling Unit ID that was created from the first process?




Best answer by Dario Zani 27 August 2021, 15:16

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Not at the moment since subsequent functionality only works with data items and not with the result/feedback from another process.

But its an interesting idea/suggestion, maybe it could be implemented somehow in the future if there is lot of requests for a functionality like that. I suggest you add this to the IDEAS section on this forum.