WADACO solution for Label / Bar code printing

  • 12 October 2020
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Can someone please share documentation on IFS WADACO solution highlighting the Bar code / Label printing functionalities and configuration needs. 

Can we generate bar codes without the WaDaCo as well.

5 replies

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Note that the main purpose of wadaco is not to generate/print barcodes, its a scanning app. But we do some generating/printing barcodes in some processes since we just simulate what happens in the regular window/page. So yes, you can generate and print bar codes without wadaco, there is many places around the application where you can do that from different menu options or command.

I don’t have list of where you can do that, but if you find a wadaco process that does that you look up the similar functionality in regular application.

But if you are looking for more advance barcodes like GS1, then I don’t think we have any such handling at the moment in the application, even thou you can probably create custom reports that could do that with our tools or with 3d party tools.

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Hello! Sorry for digging up an old thread. I’m in the process of assisting with a WaDaCo implementation and the topic of label printing has come up quite a bit.

Regarding @Dario Zani , “But we do some generating/printing barcodes in some processes since we just simulate what happens in the regular window/page.”. Are you just using standard operational reporting / print agent functionality to achieve the label print-out? Perhaps you’re using Events / Actions to stimulate the label print request? If that’s the case, I would use PL/SQL from an Event Action to generate a file for like Bartender (or other software) and push it over to the inbound label directory via an Oracle Directory object. I imagine other label printing software would be able to receive the request over TCP / HTTP if the Print Agent wasn’t the required mechanism.

Any details that you could provide would be immensely helpful to myself and others. This is a popular subject that I see cropping up a lot, so you’ll definitely be helping out the IFS eco-system for the better.

Thanks a bunch!

-Randy G.

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Found a better thread where my man Dario explained things much better. Linking for visibility.


-Randy G.

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Hi Randy G,

Yes we are using standard reporting printing, we just copy what happens in the clients or background jobs that will trigger a certain report to be created/printed. So we just trigger the creation of the report so it ends up in the report archive, the rest is standard functionality outside our control.

When it comes to doing more advanced stuff  with events / actions that is something outside my area of expertise, stuff like that is usually handled in customer projects by consultants/partners, as an R&D coder I never work with or encounter things like that since its more of customization side of IFS Applications.

But I guess it might be possible, I have heard about consultants even creating some simple support for custom fields inside our CORE wadaco processes by using events and custom menus etc. So who knows, it might be possible. You can always ask about that in new thread and see if someone answers.

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No, I’m good for now @Dario Zani.

You’re spot on with your assessment, I’m an IFS partner and am more than comfortable with approaching this with Events, PL/SQL, etc. I’ll look at consolidating these threads into maybe a new post at some point in time, once a PoC is complete and it’s a solid concept. A solid tid-bit for those who would like to get started on their own, look at the Data Collection Session screen for a really good Event / Action driver. That’s it though, can’t be giving out all my trade secrets! ;)

Thanks again for letting me pick your brain!

-Randy G.