WADACO - Register Arrival - Auto generate serial no using dynamic YYMMDDXXXX format

  • 17 June 2021
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Wondering whether IFS WADACO has the below capability.

We would like use Serial Rule - Manual, and the serial number series we would like to be YYMMDD + plus 4 digit sequence number. in IEE,  when we are doing GR, it is easy we set the YYMMDD, for example 210618, which stands for Year 2021, Month June, Date 18. also, we can set padding 4, and if we receive 10 pcs of the parts, we will set number from 1 to 10.

now we are using handheld and WADACO. in order to let WADACO automated above the configuration, i.e. we want WADACO to be able to auto fill the value, for example, YYMMDD, padding 4, user just need to enter the quantity. 


is WADACO capable of entering some dynamic value, e.g. #MM#, then it auto fill the value with the current month 06?


Thank you in advance.



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Hi @ronhu 

Not at the moment I would guess. At least not without doing that as a customer adaptation, I’m sure that it could possible to hardcode in that format in Use Automatic Value or Execute methods, when working with the SERIAL_NO_PREFIX, SERIAL_NO_SEQ_FROM, SERIAL_NO_SEQ_TO and SERIAL_NO_PADDING items.

I know we have a request for adding Sysdate or MM YY etc to the Fixed Value and Default Value columns in the configuration, if that was to be implemented maybe you could use that on the above items. But at the moment its only in our backlog for future development, not sure when it will be implemented at the moment.

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thank you for your reply.


I hope in the future revision, we could have dynamic function could support our request, it might not just date related.  i think it is easy, just the function() to be loaded in the default column, and it allow user to change or simply fixed(automatic value).

right now, user is ok to manual enter our prefix and padding. just a matter of time.


Thank you.