Wadaco process - Move HU question

  • 11 July 2022
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We move HUs from location GO to location LS using the Wadaco process Move_Handling_Unit. At the moment our operators do a visual check and sign the HU label to say its been matched with what’s on their HU.

Is it possible to add a step in the process where the user has to scan the finished goods barcode then scan the HU label to make sure they match up?


Scan HU label, scan FG barcode and check that EAN matches, if it does match move to To Location screen if it doesn’t throw up an error.




1 reply

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The process move handling unit do not have part number or the related GTIN (this is where you store the EAN) as data items. It means that it is not possible to give them as inputs. I think it makes sense since you can have multiple parts on a handling unit. 

To achieve what you are lookin for you could use the MOVE_PART process instead. I have tried and it seems to work nicely. You have to change the order of the data items so that you start with the handling unit id and then the GTIN. You need to turn use automatic value off to force the user to scan the GTIN number. It will now validate that your GTIN match with what you have on the handling unit. If not you get an error. Just remember to set the GTIN for your part to “Used for identification”. 

The main drawback I found with this approach is that since you are now moving parts, not handling units, the quantity refers to the quantity of the part on the HU. You can get this value automatically by configuring it this way, so it might not be a problem.