WADACO ERROR in Serial Loop Scanning

  • 17 September 2021
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i have a serialized tracking part, and i have packing instructions for this part. it is ok to receive this part one part after another using WADACO - Register Arrival. 


But if you are trying to scan the serial no in loop, after you select the Save button, you will get the error message as attached.


this part is defined with packing instructions. attached the screen shot, before the save button is selected, and after the Save button is selected.


Kindly advise how to fix this issue.


Thank you.

2 replies

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I’m not 100% sure, but I think that one is connected to that when using Packing Instructions the packing rule is always By Part Capacity so it would be mean that you might have some missing capacity settings probably in Part Catalog or something similar.

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@Dario Zani  thank you for your reply.


I don’t think capacity is an issue in settings. because if you remove the loop, it is successful in creating HU. 


there could be the quantities in loop that caused this issue. instead of packing into one HU, system might pack 10 pcs (for example 10 scans in loop).


this loop scanning might be a challenge to HU handled parts.


maybe I need to raise a ticket.


Thank you.