ScanIT for IFS app - need to click on row for making scan

  • 22 September 2021
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Hello all,

I want to ask about Scan It funcionality. We are using Zebra TC52 and in app we must to click on row for making scan. Once we click keyboard pop ups and cursor is there.

Is it possible to have cursor there automatically, I mean without a click? Is it settings in scanner device/scanner?

Enter after scan works fine. I added pictures for example.

3 replies

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Hi Harry

Did a trial on the IFS TRY ME SCAN IT and found that the scanned value will be validated for the FIELD that is currently displayed, even without having to click and get the cursor. 

If your requirement is to SCAN a value, there is no need to have the cursor in the field. Directly click on the SCAN ICON and (the last icon using the camera scanner) and execute the scanning

I am not sure about TC52 Zebra.. But every hand held device specialising in the Barcode scanning comes with a direct button to point the scanner and scan. As long as the field shown is the one you are scanning, IFS Scan It will validate and work, even without cursor actually having to be clicked.

Also, set the LOV to Off, in the settings if this field is to be scanned alone, and not to be chosen from LOV. 

Note : The Keyboard and the Cursor being in the field active, is needed only if you intend to type.

The need to click to make keyboard popup is a smart mobile device behavior, and is a common behavior across all OS and devices. This is not needed in those non smart, high end Barcode scanners which have a hardware based keyboard. For a software based keyboard this would be the natural behavior and need.


As an alternative, (a self R&D...) try using * as the default value in that field, to get the focus within the field. Am not sure this works, but a suggestion. 

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Hello Vivek, thank you for the answer. Not sure I fully understand.

I have uploded video so you can better understand.

BTW: LOV stands for?

Link here:

Thank you for help



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LOV = List of Values (in the configuration client, items tab).