Scan it APP10 Error

  • 10 June 2021
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We are setting up WADACO APP10 this morning, but we encountered an error.

would like to pick up your brain, any idea? see screenshots attached.


Thank you.


3 replies

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Hi @zironghu ,


Do you have the IFS Touch App server installed and configured?

You can find information about Touch App server installation here. 


You’ll also have to configure and release at least one data collection configurations under the Warehouse Data Collection area of IFS.  


I would also recommend you install the IFS Aurena Scan It 10 application from the Google Play store if using an Android device.   If using an IOS device you’d have to go to the Apple Store.


We use Android Zebra barcode scanners and we use IFS Aurena Scan It 10 as the application.  We have our system configured to use Azure AD for authentication so we have single sign-on.   The tricky part was configuring the Touch App server and Azure AD to get everything working.



William Klotz

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Have you enabled the Scan It 10 app in the Touch App Server?


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William, your comment about one-time sign on is the solution what we are looking for in the future, thank you.


Anushaka,  i feel your comments is hitting the target. i will let our tech to take a look.


Thank you all.