• 19 September 2021
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Hope in WADACO GTINs can be encoded into RFID tags.

Appreciate can some one guide me how to use RFID together WADACO. If you have standard setup guide, would higly appreciated. 

Applications would be Inbound, Outbound like Shop order picking, Shipping, receiving andwarehousing etc. 

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Hi ProThushA

For an IFS generated "Barcode ID" or GTIN code or Part Number , this is technically feasible.

Theory :

An RFID scanner scans and passes value to the screen (instead of the Barcode scanner), and the value exists in the system as an actual value, in any of the fields, the transaction should proceed ahead.

Note: I would say, this will not work for Active RFID tags, has to be passive. This is my assumption.

Without an actual POC, I would not stamp on it as a 100% deliverable solution and Agree for a delivery. Needs thorough testing before committing. 

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Hi @ProThushA ,


You would need to acquire RFID scanners instead of barcode scanners and I would recommend using a scanner running the Android operating system.   We chose to utilize Zebra barcode scanners in our environment and we are happy with them.  Zebra also makes an RFID scanner which is the same model as our barcode scanner they just replace the laser with an RFID reader.


As for using an RFID scanner instead of a barcode scanner with WaDaCo I do not think WaDaCo really would know there’s a difference because in either case the device is returning the GTIN number to the application like a keyboard input.  


You will have to configure the WaDaCo components like Report Picking or Move Inventory to use the GTIN but it’s not to difficult and there is documentation available in your F1 environment.   We primarily used the F1 documentation but we did consult with someone periodically when we got stuck to get us over the hump.



William Klotz

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Hi @ProThushA ,

I hope below post will be useful for you for more information about the functionality development in 

IFS Cloud to support RFID tags in asset management