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  • 18 November 2023
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Looking to combine the Create Handling Unit and Pack into Handling Unit on Shipment configuration.

The process would be as follows:

  1. Create 1 Handling Unit (i.e. box)
  2. Pass this Handling Unit ID to the Pack into Handling Unit on Shipment configuration
  3. Create a loop of parts to continue to pack parts into the HU
  4. If more boxes are needed, the user restarts at step 1.

It doesn’t appear possible to pass a Subsequent Data Item ID to the Pack into Handling Unit on Shipment configuration as the HU ID is not created until after the Create Handling Unit configuration is completed.  

Is this a limitation or is this possible in some fashion?

The users do not want to tag the Handling Units with labels during the packing process.  

Environment: 23R1 SU1


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4 replies

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For the next release 24R1, we are planning to introduce something called output item or something like that, that will make it possible for you to use the out data from Create Handling Unit which is the new Handling Unit ID and use it in subsequent data item handling so you could send that value to the next process/configuration you are linked to. I hope that will solve this issue for you.

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Thanks for the insight, @Dario Zani.  

Do you know if this could be customized now (i.e. in 23R1/23R2) or would their be some kind of framework limitation?

I suspect this customer will go live on 23R2 instead of 24R1 due to timing of the release.  

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I know customers that have made their own solution to move this value from one process to another already back in apps9, so there is no special problem doing something as customization also.

We will do it so you can configure it in the configuration client and don’t have to do anything else for it to work.

But sure you can handle this in anyway you want, the customization I have heard about just save the handling unit in a table and then fetch it in the next process, so you need to adapt both processes and do some changes in the process code to handle this.

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Thanks for the information, Dario.