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Can I convert booked stock UOM ? From pcs to kg

  • 16 November 2021
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  • Do Gooder (Customer)
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Hello all,


We received raw material a few days ago but it was booked in stock without the conversion factor.

1 bar = 2 kg or 1 pcs = 2 kg

We purchased the material in kg but we booked it in pcs. So instead of having 290 kg of raw material we got 290 pcs of that. Can I convert the existing stock to kg ? Please help ! 


Thank you


Best answer by Dario Zani 16 November 2021, 15:46

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Is this a wadaco question?

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Hello Dario,


I presume yes since the part is located there and I am using ifs warehouse windows to check that. I am not able to change the UOM from Inventory since the part has already been transacted and the stock is under pcs instead of Kgs.

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But this is the Warehouse Data Collection part of IFS Community, here it is questions about the WADACO component and the Scan-It app and the processes that can be performed from WADACO. I’m guessing you have a general Warehousing question that should be entered in the Supply Chain part maybe, since you are not referring to any current wadaco process from what I can see 

The last 3-4 questions in this forum have now been about nothing that concerns Warehouse Data Collection, so I’m curious why they all ended up here. If you post the question in the wrong forum it is big chance the real experts will not see it.

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Thank you Dario for your reply ! It was really helpful. I didn’t know that since this is my first time in the IFS Community. I will post this question in the Supply Chain group. Thanks again !