DOes anyone know how to get to IFS case tickets proir to the new Portal?

  • 1 October 2022
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The old IFS Portal and the Customer Engagement Centers are gone.

I cannot find any of my previous cases in the new portal and when I try to open a case I can only open it for IFS Cloud.- I have IFS7.5 and IFS8.0 systems with cases.

I tried to open a case for this issue but none of the drop downs apply and it won’t let me leave them blank.





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5 replies

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The crappy thing is that you can no longer create cases in the old portal once they move you to the new portal.  We have one developer who still has access to the old portal who can create cases.  Otherwise, you’ll have to get someone at IFS to create it for you.  You can create a case and complain about it to get the case moved over as a Legacy G case.

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Hi Doug,

When an IFS customer starts an upgrade to IFS Cloud Product, their ticketing platform for all solutions change from ISC\CEC to IFS Support Portal.

Please look at below pictogram which visualize how a customer can contact support for different solutions they have.

If you did have access to CEC previously, it is most likely due to a technical fault.

The fact you no longer have access means, the technical fault has been resolved.

I quickly checked your company entitlement in our back-end, it had an active support key only for an IFS Application 8 instance.

Hence your account in the IFS Support Portal now has been configured to enable case reporting for the IFS Application 8 instance.

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To access your old tickets raised through CEC, please use the below marked menu option.


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Hi Kanishka,

I did locate my old cases under the Legacy G Cases - Thank you.

Unfortunately I checked further regarding the IFS Application 8 instance. I can only locate that product when I open a case under “Service Partly Unavailable”. Otherwise It does not appear in the product drop down on any other screen.

In many of the case screens, the product drop down is empty or only displays IFS Cloud. It never displays our IFS Application 7.5 instance.

FYI: We have not actually started the upgrade to IFS Cloud yet.

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Hi @dmanuele 

Some forms in the IFS support portal like the ‘service unavailable’ is limited only for our Cloud hosted instances.

But you should still be able to use ‘report something else’ form for none cloud hosted instances.

‘service partly unavailable’ form, ‘Impact = 1 user’ should also be usable.