Shipment Type not defaulting

  • 24 March 2023
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Running into a strange error in which the Shipment Type is not being retrieved from the Site Default.

Recreation Steps:

  1. Set-up default Shipment Type on Site (there is no Shipment Type defined for the Customer)
  2. Attempt to enter/save a Customer Order Line.  The Shipment Type will not be fetched and the user must manually select it through the Required Fields assistant that pops up.

This is in a 22R2 SUPD 5 environment.  



6 replies

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What do you have in the customer order header?

Is that too blank?



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Hi @AsankaGaru 

No.  The Customer Order Header has a value.  It’s pulling as expected from the Site (NR Shipment Type).

Also worth noting that I’ve tried to change the Shipment Type on the Site to another and the behavior is still the same.  

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As I could not see an issue in my environment, maybe it has something to do with the sourcing option (supply code) you are getting on to the order line when using Automatic Sourcing. You can check if it works fine for a basic invent order CO line to see if its the auto sourcing that is causing this issue.

Hope this helps.

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Appreciate the feedback @AsankaGaru.  Unfortunately, that is not the issue.  This issue remains whether Automatic Sourcing is being used or not.  For example, I can select a different Customer, Site, Sales Part, Sourcing Option etc.  

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Have the same issue after updating to 22.2.5, have shipment type NA on site and customer addresses and getting the same issue when adding order lines to the customer order.

Anyone else?


Thanks Jay

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Hi @JayH @astfarazt @AsankaGaru 


Have the same issue reported for 22.2.5 and the shipment type on the customer order line is retrieved from the relevant basic data on saving the line in the server. A value will be always fetched to the field even though it is not set as required, and also the value can be manually updated if needed.

The setting for making a field mandatory in page designer can be used for fields whose values are retrieved on tabbing out of the field if the field uses client validations.

Hence the correct functionality would be to use the 'Shipment Type' window as a non-mandatory field (In this scenario you might have set it as required)  Therefore please navigate to the customer order window and open page designer and un-checked the 'required' field in the shipment attribute and save the record. Then it will fetch the value correctly at the point of saving the Customer Order line.




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